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 Welcome to the buy low cost chain-saws for sale site online. You can find prices up to 50% off dealer retail. Not only do we have new and used cheap chainsaws for sale, but also log splitter and wood chipper at great savings!
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Having a giant oak tree blow down in your front yard can be a real mess. Yes, oak is one of the hardwoods. When choosing a low cost chainsaw, it is a good idea to find one that is good enough for professional loggers. Any type will cut pine and poplar just fine, but it will take one with commercial quality to walk through the green hard stuff. Stihl has been one of the industry leaders with a reputation for tough and long lasting quality. Many will say that Husqvarna is much better built, and I would agree on some of their premium models. If you read the reviews, there are some fans of the Echo, Poulan, and Homelite cheap chainsaws brands normally found in hardware stores and home centers. For may years you could only buy Husqvarna and the Stihl brands at you local dealer, but now you can find them everywhere.

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While cleaning up your oak tree mess it is a good idea to have a wood chipper shredder too, as most areas no longer allow burning of branches. I hear you can get around this law if you have some marshmellows and hotdogs with you ready to cook on a open fire. Buying a wood chipper shredder with a Briggs & Stratton engine is your best bet. Going up into the forest every year to cut firewood was always an exciting adventure. My father would swear by his heavy duty Poulan gas. It just had too many seasons on it as it would take about 20 pulls and some bad words to get it started. Once running, my dad could knock down the big pines with no problem. I brought with me a reliable but discount chainsaw made by Echo. It only had a 14 inch bar instead of a 20 inch bar like pops. I would use it to trim the branches. It always ran just fine and never let me down. Sears Craftsman is a good one too that is a bargain.

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Twin Memory Foam Mattress Full King Queen For around the yard I want to buy a Worx electric for sale. I can't decide on an 16 inch or 18 inch bar just yet. The 18" model has more power and the 16" cost much less. Worx has earned a good reputation as one of the best electric chainsaws you can buy. From what I understand, Worx are better made than many gasoline models. I read a good review on them in the OPE magazine. After going to the forest to get firewood, you will need a good heavy duty log splitter. Just make sure the log splitter can handle big logs OK. The longer capacity the better. Jonsered Earthquake and Craftsman is good.

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